Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)


Field Emission SEM (FE-SEM) SUPRA™ 35(Carl Zeiss SMT, Oberkochen, Germany)

Technical specifications:

  • Resolution:   2.1nm at 1kV, 1.3nm at 15kV and 1.0nm at 20kV
  • High Tension Range: 100V to 30kV
  • Beam Current: 4pA to 20nA
  • Gun: Schottky Field Emission Gun
  • Magnification Range: 20X to 900,000X
  • Everhardt Thornley Secondary Electron Detector
  • In-lens Secondary Electron Detector
  • Back Scattering Detector
  • Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS): Oxford Instruments INCA 200

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Facility Policies

As a multi-user facility, it is imperative that all users be trained and work responsibly in the lab. Faculty are responsible for their staff, PhDs students and post-docs who use the facility and any costs incurred.

For the novice user, the Lab staff offers complete technical support, individual training and courses that cover both the practical applications and physical principles of microscopy.


Instruments and staff are available during regular daytime hours. Instruments are available for use after hours by individuals that have been trained as independent users.


Instruments are reserved on a first come first serve rule. Users are encouraged to schedule instruments time in advance.