Barbara Mecheri


Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Science and Technologies

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1

00133 Rome Italy

Tel. +39.06.7259.4488

Fax. +39.06.7259.4328



Barbara Mecheri is Associate Professor at the Dept. of Chemical Science and Technology of the University of Roma Tor Vergata.


Master degree (laurea) in Chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy

PhD in Materials Science at the University of Catania, Italy


  • Chemistry, Master Course in Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata.
  • Chemistry for Energy, Master Course in Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Advisor of Master Degree thesis, Engineering and Material Science and Technology programs, University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Co-advisors of PhD Thesis, “International Ph.D. Program in Materials for Health, Environment and Energy”, University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Tutoring activity in Erasmus and Scienza Senza Frontiera Programs.

Research Interests

Reasearch interests of BM are focused on the manipulation of matter in the micro- and nanometric scale, including preparation, characterization and application of nanostructured molecular surfaces and materials:

  • Fuel cells and Redox flow batteries, electrochemistry of energy conversion and storage devices, structure and transport properties in polymer electrolytes, Pt-based and Pt-free electrocatalysts.
  • Bioelectrochemistry, electrocatalytic properties of enzymes, bioelectrochemical systems for energy production and waste management.

Since 2000, BM has been co-author of over 70 scientific publications and 80 contributions to international conferences.

Other activities

Involved in the coordination of the activity in the “electrical and electrochemical characterization” laboratori in the Department of Chemical Science and Technology, University of Rome Tor Vergata.

In charge of teaching and research in International research institutes:

  • Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Giappone.
  • Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Energie Matériaux Telécommunications (INRS-EMT), Varennes (Québec), Canada.
  • Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades – EACH, Universidade de São Paulo, SP, Brasile.
  • Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Instituto de Carboquímica (ICB), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain

Peer reviewer for the following international scientific journals: Journal of Electrochemical Society, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Electrochemistry Communications, Energy & Environmental Science, Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Environmental Science and Technology.

Professional membership: Electrochemical Society, Brazilian MRS Society, Italian Chemical Society, Italian Association of Chemistry for Engineering.