Thermal Analysis

Thermogravimetric Analyser and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Mettler Toledo)

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TGA/DSC1 system

• Temperature range ambient to 1100°C
• 34 place robot
• Flowmeter
• Thermostatted balance with fast cooling
• Touchscreen terminal
• STARe software with evaluation packages
• Accessories kit with crucibles and calibration standards
• gas controller

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Mettler Toledo)

DSC 1 

  • Amazing sensitivity – for the measurement of weak effects
  • Outstanding resolution – allows measurement of rapid changes and close-lying effects
  • Efficient automation – most reliable 34-sample position sample robot for high sample throughput
  • Small and large sample volumes – for microgram or inhomogeneous samples
  • Modular concept – tailor-made solutions for current and future needs
  • Flexible calibration and adjustment – guarantees accurate and precise measurement results under all conditions
  • Wide temperature range – from –150 °C to 700 °C in one measurement